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Fishing Software

Angler's Assistant
A Windows 95 software program designed to help you catch more fish by improving your consistency through careful recording and reporting of your outings. Its FREE! 

Dr Dan's Fish & Game Predictions

Fishing Simulator
Realistic fishing simulation computer game for the personal computer. Follow the link to view screen-shots or download. Also included are hints and tips on how to play the game. Judging from the screen shots, the game has an attractive user interface.

Fish Traker
This is a fishing log program. It uses AI (artificial intelligence) technology to allow you to enter your catches. It also allows you to add or create maps of all your favorite spots. This program is a fully functional shareware release. Their website also has a spot for downloading area maps that have been contributed by other users of Fish Traker.

Taysys Software
Quality PC software for the fisherman for over twelve years.

Fish-N-Log Professional Suite - a detailed fishing diary system which includes analysis, graphical displays, import or create maps, a personal tournament diary and equipment log

Tournament Keeper - a tournament management system for scheduling, scoring and producing year-to-date standings for draw, team and pro-am style events.

Terrafin Software
High quality, easy to use software applications for the fishing and boating community.

FISHbase - Angler's Log for Windows.

SHIPshape - Boater's Maintenance Log.

TideMaster for Windows or DOS
Tide data is displayed "ready-to-use" no neefd for corrections, calculations, or tables.

Tournament Tracker
A very easy to use and versatile fishing software designed to track all of your fishing club's data.

UglyBass Utilities
Allows you to map your favorite fishing spots over Topo or other maps, calculate Bass Weights, see the Sunrise and Sunset times for the day, and log your catches, hot-spots, and other landmarks.

A free 32 bit Windows 95/NT 4.0 program for displaying tides and currents.


International  Air  Rifle  and  Pistol  Association


Fantasy Bass Challenge 2000          


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Here's the ugliest Reel I seen yet...  アライくんリールに新色登場!


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