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Which word is politically correct these days? ... Is it handicapped, disabled, physically challenged? I'm not sure??? But what I do know is that whatever word they use, for people like us, with varying physical "whatever" - it only means one thing... "limited". 

I could care less if others want to classify or stereotype with a word, but the insinuation that a person is "limited"... well, that's where I draw the line. If there are limitations, they are due to the lack of opportunity, not ability. I prefer to believe that one has not yet conquered that challenge - and that there is "no challenge too great".

The Handicapped Float Tubers Association was founded with these thoughts in mind. The goal was to provide the disabled Angler, challenge, adventure, fun, and lots of mobility. A Float Tube offers all of this and more. 

Float Tubing provides a soothing exercise to the lower back and legs - slowly stretching and strengthening the muscles and flexing joints. These are physical benefits, but the most important is what it does for a person's attitude or moral. 

I have yet to find a sport that is more rewarding or relaxing than sport fishing. Some of my most memorable days were spent with a fishing pole in hand. My hope is that you will feel better and have fun. So, join the Handicapped Float Tubers Association and start making your own "memorable days".

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