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 Trout Recipes 

Here are some great recipes from my friends at   

They have a huge recipe data base.  It's definitely worth the visit!  


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bulletAlmond Trout
bulletBaked Speckled Trout In Herbs
bulletBaked Stuffed Trout
bulletBaked Trout With Sea Food
bulletBarbecued Rainbow Trout
bulletBarbecued Speckled Trout
bulletBlender Hollandaise Sauce For Trout
bulletBlue Trout Luchow
bulletBoiled Speckled Trout
bulletBrithyll a Chig Moch - Trout and Bacon
bulletBroiled Flamed Trout Koala
bulletBroiled Rainbow Trout
bulletBroiled Steelhead Trout Basted With Beer
bulletBroiled Trout With Raisins
bulletBrook Trout Meuniere
bulletBrook Trout With Ginger Stuffing
bulletCheese Stuffed Trout
bulletChippewa Trout
bulletFish House Barbecue
bulletFried Lake Trout
bulletFried Whole Lake Trout
bulletGrilled Rainbow Trout With Apricot Salsa
bulletGrilled Rainbow Trout With Asian Flavors
bulletGrilled Rainbow Trout With Caponata Relish
bulletGrilled Trout
bulletGrilled Trout W/ginger
bulletGrilled Trout with Two Cheeses
bulletGrilled Trout With Two Sauces
bulletHerbed Trout With Sour Cream
bulletHerbs and Trout
bulletHigh Country Fried Trout
bulletHollandaise Sauce For Trout
bulletHoney Fried Trout
bulletHot Grilled Trout
bulletIdaho Trout
bulletItalian Trout
bulletItalian Trout
bulletKennet Fried Trout
bulletKokt Orrett (Boiled Trout)
bulletPan Fried Brook Trout
bulletPan Fried Brook Trout with Bacon
bulletPan Fried Brown Trout
bulletPan Fried Lake Trout Fillets in Tempura Batter
bulletPan Fried Small Trout With Mushroom Sauce
bulletPan Fried Trout
bulletPan Fried Trout Meuniere
bulletPan Fried Trout with Sage and Almonds
bulletPoached Speckled Trout with Herbs
bulletPoached Trout In Cream
bulletRainbow Trout Provencale
bulletRainbow Trout Provencale
bulletRainbow Trout Teriyaki
bulletRainbow Trout with Green Onion and Ginger
bulletRainbow Trout with Herb Stuffing
bulletSesame Fried Trout
bulletSmoked Lake Trout Pate With Ripe Olives
bulletSmoked Trout Salad
bulletSmoked Trout With Gribiche Horseradish Sauce
bulletSmoked Trout With Watercress Sauce
bulletSnowy River Trout
bulletSourdough Stuffed Trout
bulletSteamed Trout With Olive Sauce
bulletStreamside Trout
bulletStuffed Frogs
bulletSuffolk Trout
bulletTarragon Trout
bulletTasty Baked Trout
bulletTitle Trout, Nut Crusted
bulletTrout - Nut Crusted
bulletTrout Almandine
bulletTrout and Sour Cream
bulletTrout Cheeks
bulletTrout In Alfoil
bulletTrout In Wine
bulletTrout Italiano
bulletTrout Mancy W/lemon Butter Sauce
bulletTrout Menuire
bulletTrout With Horseradish Sauce
bulletVinaigrette Salad
bulletWhole Trout In Sweet and Sour Sauce



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