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Texas Rig
Texas rig
How to Rig
Slip the bullet sinker on to the line, nose (pointed end) first. Follow this with your choice of bead.  I prefer glass because it makes a louder noise when the weight hits it. You don't need to add the bead but it serves two purposes if you do. Firstly, when the worm weight hits the bead it makes a clicking sound which attracts fish. Secondly, it keeps the knot from getting nicked adding to the life of the rig. The bead is especially important in heavy brush or when 'rippin' the jig. The last step is just a matter of tying off the hook and adding your favorite plastic bait and that's it. The hook point is just below the surface of the plastic worm making it virtually weed-less. Click here to see how to rig the plastic using a worm hook. If it is easier a keeper hook can be used but the bait tends to rip away from the keeper when fishing heavy cover.
What you will need:

worm hookworm hooks

worm weight (bullet weight)worm weight or bullet sinker

optional beadplastic and glass beads


Carolina RigCarolina rig
How to Rig
Take a length of line, 12-36 inches, and tie one end to the swivel the other end to your hook. This will be your leader line. (Some anglers suggest using a lighter test line for your leader than your main line, this way if you break off you should only lose your rig from the swivel down.) On your main line slip on the worm weight or egg sinker followed by a bead. (You can use rattle chambers that are made especially for Carolina rigging, in place of the bead. Ask for them at your favorite Sporting Goods store.) Next, tie the swivel on the leader line to your main line and your all set up. 
  The hook point is usually left exposed. I rarely, if ever, use this rig in heavy cover. 
Tip: If your going to use this rig in a derby or tournament save valuable fishing time by rigging some of these up the night before. Tie them up from the swivel down. If you break off it will only be a matter of tying one knot.
What you will need:

worm hookworm hooks

worm weight or egg sinkerworm weight or bullet sinker

glass (my preference) or plastic beadegg sinkerplastic and glass beads

swivel (barrel, crane or ball bearing)crane swivel



Flippin' Rig
flipping jig rig
How to Rig
Thread the plastic bait onto the hook and tie to your line.
Flippin' Rig -Dressed with skirt flipping jig rig dressed with skirt

How to Rig
Add a skirt to bulk up the lure. The skirt also adds a more enticing action and look that hungry bass won't be able to resist.

   What you will need:

flippin jig head (preferably with fiber weed guard)

optional skirt
flipping jig head with fibre weed guard silicone skirt

Rigging a plastic lure with a worm hook
plastic worm rigging example 1. Insert the hook point straight straight into the front of the lure, just past the barb.
2. Rotate the hook out the botom of the lure making sure it doesn't come out off center.
3. Continue to push the hook through the lure. Rotate the hook around so that the point faces the bottom of the lure.
4. Pull the kink of the worm hook and the eye through the lure. Hold the bait flat and imagine a line running through the lure at the apex of the hook. (The furthest point that the hook reaches on the lure when laid flat.) Tip: With a worm rig up, the ribs of the lure act as a good reference point. Keep  an eye on the rib that is at the hook apex. I place my thumb on the rib as I continue to rig.
5. Push the hook straight through to the point where the imaginary line would exit. Make sure you push it straight through, and that the hook  point exits centered.
6. Continue sliding the hook through onto the bend of the hook.
Tip: If you want a truly weed-less rig: When the hook exits the back of the lure push the point just under the 'skin' of the plastic.

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